Emergency Building Evacuation Plans

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Baker Hall

Bass Center

Battel Chapel

Becton Center

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

Bellamy Hall

Benjamin Franklin College

Berkeley College, North

Berkeley College, South

Betts House

Bingham Hall

Branford College

Broadway, 41

Central Power Plant

Chapel Street, 1156

Church Street, 246

Circular Drive, 95

College Street, 451

Connecticut Hall

Coxe Cage

Cullman-Heyman Tennis Center

Curtis Hall

Davenport Avenue, 132

Davenport College

Dunham Laboratory

Durfee Hall

Dwight Hall and Chapel

Elm Street, 304

Environmental Science Center

Esplanade Apartments, A

Esplanade Apartments, B

Esplanade Apartments, C

Esplanade Apartments, D

Esplanade Apartments, E

Ezra Stiles College

Farnam Hall

Fisher Hall

Grace Hopper College

Humanities Quadrangle (320 York Street)

Helen Hadley Hall

Hillhouse Avenue, 1

Hillhouse Avenue, 15

Hillhouse Avenue, 24

Hillhouse Avenue, 27

Hillhouse Avenue, 28

Hillhouse Avenue, 30

Hillhouse Avenue, 31

Hillhouse Avenue, 35

Hillhouse Avenue, 37

Hillhouse Avenue, 38

Hillhouse Avenue, 43

Hillhouse Avenue, 46

Hillhouse Avenue, 51

Hillhouse Avenue, 52

Hillhouse Avenue, 55

Hillhouse Avenue, 56

Jonathan Edwards College

Kline Tower

Kline Chemistry Laboratory

Kline Geology Laboratory

Lanman-Wright Hall

Lapham Field House

Lawrance Hall

Leet Oliver Memorial Hall

Leigh Hall

Library Shelving Facility

Luce Hall

Malone Engineering Center

Mansfield Apartments, A

Mansfield Apartments, B

Mansfield Apartments, C

Mansfield Apartments, D

Mansfield Apartments, E

Mansfield Street, 42

Mansfield Street, 68

Mansfield Street, 79–81

Mansfield Street, 279

Mason Laboratory

McClellan Hall

Morse College

Pauli Murray College

Payne Whitney Gymnasium

Peabody Museum

Phelps Hall

Pierson College

Prospect Street, 135

Prospect Street, 254

Prospect Street, 276

Rosenfeld Hall

Rudolph Hall

Sachem Street, 60

Sage-Bowers Hall

Sargent Drive, 150

Saybrook College

Silliman College

Sprague Hall

Sterling Divinity Quadrangle

Sterling Memorial Library

Street Hall

Temple Street, 370

Temple Street, 432–434

Temple Street, 442

Timothy Dwight College

Trumbull College

Vanderbilt Hall

Welch Hall

Whitehall Apartments, A

Whitehall Apartments, B

Whitney Avenue, 221

Woodbridge Hall

Yale Art Gallery

Yale Art Gallery, Old Art Gallery

Yale Center for British Art

Yale Repertory Theatre

York-Crown Apartments